John Fielder in the Williams Fork Mountains with the Gore Range to the west.

I have spent the past 40 years exploring and photographing every mountain range, every valley, every nook and cranny of Colorado’s 66 million acres. From the subtle beauty of its Great Plains to its sublime and prodigious peaks, I appreciate how lucky we are to live, work, and play in the most glorious of states, Colorado.

I have had the absolute pleasure to photograph 100 working ranches in every Colorado mountain valley, and meet and commune with the remarkable families who work these ranches. None of these valleys is more special or more fragile, than the Lower Blue River valley. Nowhere else do you have the combination of federal wilderness (Eagles Nest and Ptarmigan Peak) on both sides, designated county open space throughout, and the majority of ranchlands protected forever from development by conservation easements.

If ever there was a place in Colorado where industrial activity is inappropriate, this is it! Please join me in this effort to prevent the destruction of Colorado’s most beautiful mountain valley.

Gore Range, Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, by John Fielder